We are people who love
to live for leather,
and we've been livening up
the world of leather accessories
for over twenty years.
We started out with hand made
notebooks and that's where the name
Undercover comes from.
It's an enduring passion for leather
and a commitment to creativity
that has driven us to bring
to life the vivacious collection
we see today.

You'll discover a vibrant new
world of colour when
you start to travel Undercover.
We wouldn't let you out in the world
unless you're making a splash
with our notebooks, binders, photo albums games and accessories.
We can even do bibles covers, diaries
and backgammon.
We do leather like no one else leathers.
We love the rich smell of leather,
its smooth tactile sensation, that thrill it gives to the fingertips,

The other thing that we love
almost as much as the rich aroma
of leather, its tingly touch and
sunburst colours,
we love it that all our goods
are handcrafted here by handpicked artisans in lovable old Britain.

Alongside our vital and lustrous
range of accessories,
we offer a bespoke service.
So if you want to add a little dash of you
to the proceedings, all our beautifully
bespoke accessories can be customized
and adapted to your whims
using our handy friendly
online design tool.
Whether you've a corporate enquiry or
a unique personal project,
we always look forward to helping you.

So, we dare you to step out as radiantly
as the Undercover UK range allows.
We dare you to radiate when
you leather up your photo album
in gleaming lime green. We dare you
to confess all your wishes and
secrets in a leather bound
notebook of vivid pink or sultry whispering fig.

Shame the mundane with our beautifully bespoke British anti-boredom accessories.

Recycled Leather - the story: 
Recycled Leather, in its form and composition, is flexible and soft whilst maintaining a firmness that lends itself well to creating lasting leather goods. Leather offcuts, largely but not solely from the Italian shoe industry, spearhead the leather supply. These offcuts are then collected and bonded with natural rubber to create the Recycled Leather that we use and cherish. We coat it in one of our 26 uniquely created colours to complete the sustainable aesthetic that has been our driving force for 25 years.