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Forest Green Luxury Crackers (box of 6)

Ref: 1049Forest green/marble

These are a serious indulgence for us to make and a treat for you 

  • Each crackers is filled with a mad hat, trivia card, and an undercover leather item 
  • Yes we love surprises - so don't look at the image of the contents or can't you resist!..then read on
  • Leather key ring
  • Leather needle case with felt pages ( no needles incl. for safety reasons )
  • Leather travel card holder containing iconic room scent papers
  • Suede envelope for jewllery ( perhaps ?!)
  • Leather encased brass sharpener and pencils
  • Recycled leather book for passwords or addresses
  • Hand made by us in our workshop in the heart of England
  • Hand marbled patterns made in our studio
  • A great gifting idea !

Recycled Leather - the story:
Recycled Leather, in its form and composition, is flexible and soft whilst maintaining a firmness that lends itself well to creating lasting leather goods. Leather offcuts, largely but not solely from the Italian shoe industry, spearhead the leather supply. These offcuts are then collected and bonded with natural rubber to create the Recycled Leather that we use and cherish. We coat it in one of our 26 uniquely created colours to complete the sustainable aesthetic that has been our driving force for 25 years.

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